Like to run your own office cleaning business? Franchising opportunities from Mastercare…

Buying into a cleaning franchise is a major investment decision. Ultimately, the idea is to work for yourself, not by yourself. That’s the over-riding message from the team at Mastercare Franchising. And it’s the reason Mastercare Franchising is becoming one of the fastest growing office cleaning business franchises.
Mastercare Franchising is the franchising arm of commercial cleaning giant, Mastercare Property Services. According to Managing Director, Colin Walker, “There are several questions that potential franchisees ask. Of course, they want to know whether or not we’ve got a strong brand, and if they can earn a reliable income, but the very first thing they ask is whether they’ll get the support they need to really make a go of things. I always tell them they’ve come to the right place!” Mastercare is a relatively new entrant into the franchising sector, although the Australian-owned company has worked in all aspects of the office cleaning business and property services industry for more than four decades.
“Providing you do great work, have good people on your team and give customers what they want, cleaning is a relatively safe business to be in. When the Global Financial Crisis hit, we were fairly untouched by it,” says Colin. “After all, it doesn’t matter what’s happening to stocks and shares and property prices; companies will always need a cleaner. We felt it was a great time to enter the franchising market, because so many people were looking for a new direction or to invest redundancy payouts. They wanted to be their own bosses, but they didn’t want to take a risk on an untried business idea. We realised that we really had something extra to offer.” “We’ve been in the office cleaning business for a very long time, and we know the pitfalls! If our franchisees have got a question or a problem, we’re there for them, we’re just a phone call away. In some circumstances, we’ll even pay for equipment and chemicals. We don’t believe in leaving anyone to fend for themselves. That’s not the deal at all.”
As a leading office cleaning business, Mastercare Franchising offers full induction and site-specific training, as well as manuals and a structured training program containing 36 modules in four categories. “Cleaning’s not hard to learn,” says Colin. “Most of us know how to do it, but our franchisees still need comprehensive training. We’re totally committed to ensuring they know the ins-and-outs of cleaning commercial office space, bank branches and aged care centres. Then there’s the Occupational Health & Safety side of things. People need to feel safe, so we teach them how to lift and carry properly, and to be aware of potential risk.”

Colin is equally focused on responsible environmental practices. “The cleaning industry has a clear mandate to adopt sustainable practices. In fact, I’d say it’s up to us to set benchmarks wherever we can. We teach franchisees how to implement effective recycling strategies and reduce carbon footprints. More than that, training is ongoing, so if any new information or practices come to light, we make sure our franchisees are informed.”

So, what sort of person succeeds as a Mastercare franchisee? Says Colin, “It’s not rocket science, it’s cleaning! If you’re a hard worker, if you’ve got a great attitude, if you love working with customers and providing ethical services, there’s a big future for you here.”

If you want to clean up, Mastercare’s franchise business opportunities may be just the franchising opportunity you’ve been looking for. Contact Mastercare Franchising for more information about the benefits of becoming a Mastercare franchisee.

Mastercare is home to some of the best commercial cleaners in the business. We have more than 30 years' experience in office cleaning and commercial cleaning, and provide 24/7 business cleaning services. Mastercare also offers exceptional 40 years experience, so if you're looking for an office cleaning business that's backed by a respected brand and a great team of helpful professionals, get in touch today.