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Mastercare gets green light on environmental management

Champagne corks are popping at Mastercare, with news that the company has earned the coveted ISO 14001 – Environmental Management accreditation. According to Mastercare’s Managing Director, Colin Walker, “We’re delighted. They don’t just give this sort of thing away. To earn this certification, we had to make sure we adhered to stringent systems and processes. It took the combined efforts of our entire team to make this happen, and we spent serious time and money making sure we got it absolutely right.”
Colin is passionate about the subject of green work practices. “When it comes to the environment, the cleaning industry’s reputation hasn’t always been good. We have a clear mandate to adopt sustainable practices. In fact, I’d say it’s up to us to set benchmarks wherever we can.”

Mastercare is also a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, and subscribes to the ‘True Green @ Work’ program. Their company statement outlines a number of specific commitments to the environment, including reducing carbon footprints, purchasing environmentally benign and biodegradable chemicals, and using microfibre cloths.

“I want to stress that we’re not interested in pumping out some empty corporate spiel,” says Colin. “It’s very important to us to enter into only sustainable supply chain agreements, and to train our employees to use environmentally sound practices. Whenever we can, we apply a special type of foam-scrub technology that allows us to use 70% less water. We’re about minimising waste and energy, reducing noise and improving air quality. When it comes to recycling, we also train our staff and our clients’ staff, and distribute special bins where required. More than that, we stay on top of any new information or practices, and make sure our people are informed. We even use mop and broom heads that can be soak-sanitised for re-use!

“The world’s climate is changing and no-one can bury their head in the sand any longer. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to getting our environmental practices right, the buck stops with companies like Mastercare. And, as this company’s Managing Director, that means the buck stops with me.”

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